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In October of 2019, Dr. Mooney completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Talia Sutra and Julia Planine-Troiani in the French Alps in Chamonix, France. What an amazing experience! Dr. Mooney will complete her Trauma Informed Child/Adolescent Teacher Training with YogaEd in August of 2020 and is currently working towards completing her hours to become a Registered Child (ADOLESCENT) Yoga Teacher —RCYT with Yoga Alliance. Yoga has been found to be a very effective partner for psychotherapy and she also has integrated mindful movement practices as part of her therapeutic interventions.

Yoga has many different aspects but typically emphasizes physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana). Yoga promotes love and acceptance as well as kindness to self and others. Yoga at Storybook Wellness Center may also involve music/sound, storytelling, essential oils, touch and partner work (not during COVID-19 pandemic), group discussions, journaling, games, assignments and out of class practice, lessons and themes, and chanting/singing.

Yoga and some other practices we will experience at Storybook Wellness Center have also been labeled as “meditative movement” practices. These types of practices include both meditative elements and physical ones (such as meditative dance).

Classes will be offered at Storybook Wellness Center for preschoolers up to adults and also for families and couples. Class sizes will be kept small to honor the need for physical distancing due to COVID-19 and also to allow for a more personalized and intimate space. Class offerings will be impacted by any changes in MN Governor’s Orders related to COVID-19. Standard Classes, Workshops, Retreats, and Special Classes will all be offered at Storybook Wellness Center. Classes will also be offered as group 4-6 week sessions and will be priced based on length and group-type. All fees are due at the time of registration. Standard Class Fees are non refundable if class is missed or cancelled less than 24 hours prior to class time. If you cancel prior to 24 hours, a class credit will be available to you to use within one month of the date of cancellation. Workshops, retreats, and special class fees are non-refundable unless otherwise specified. Each class will have a minimum number of registrants needed to proceed with the class. If the minimum number is not reached, the class will be cancelled and your class fee will be fully refunded to you. In an effort to increase accessibility, each class will also have a set number of registrants needed to offer partially funded/scholarship-based slots. If the class size is reached, Storybook Wellness will offer a partially funded/scholarship slot on a first come first serve basis. Please understand that if you are already signed up for class for that day/series, you are not eligible to receive the scholarship spot for that class/series. If you are the recipient of a partially funded/scholarship slot, it is only applicable for that specific class on that specific day. Gift Certificates are also available and will be honored any time (as long as you have the physical certificate and unless the class is full) with no expiration. Please note that Gift Certificates used to register for classes fall under the same guidelines. Cash will not be refunded for Gift Certificates. Gift Certificates purchases for use as donation toward the scholarship fund are also available and very much appreciated.

Registration: If you prefer to pay by check or cash, registration can also be done in person, please contact Dr. Mooney to set up a time for in-person registration.



-talia sutra


Groups will start once Minimum Class Size has been reached. 

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