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Dr. Mooney has been involved with Young Living Essential Oils since 2015. She first became interested in essential oils because she was looking for a safer alternative to cleaning. She wanted to find safe, non-toxic ways to clean her home and support wellness in her family. Dr. Mooney was impressed by the quality of products Young Living Provides and she soon found out about all of the other wonderful benefits of essential oils. Dr. Mooney uses Young Living essential oils in her office and yoga classes, as well as for herself and with her own family. Dr. Mooney and other Essential Oil Lovers will be providing classes through Storybook Wellness Center or our Sponsor: Sheila Hittner with Our Healthy Homes,
Sheila is a wonderful resource for all things Young Living!

Because of issues with dual relationships, Dr. Mooney cannot sponsor current or past psychotherapy clients enrolling with Young Living. If you are a current or previous client who is interested in essential oils, please talk with Dr. Mooney for referral ideas or you may contact another Young Living Distributor of your choice.

If you are not a current or previous client of Dr. Mooney and would like to get started with essential oils, please contact Dr. Mooney or follow the link below:

If you have any questions regarding essential oils, want to take a class, or would like to host a class at your home, please contact Sheila at or Storybook Wellness Center for more information.


Dr. Mooney is a beekeeper and is so grateful for her bees who provide honey for Storybook Wellness Center. Honey and honey products, essential oil products, books, sensory toys, yoga mats and props, handmade soaps, herbs, lotions, jams, and other wellness products are available in the center for purchase. You may also contact Storybook Wellness Center to purchase products by Phone. Product availability will vary greatly on season as well as MN Governor’s orders around safety and COVID-19.


all descriptions of reality are temporary hypotheses

-Siddhārtha Gautama



To register for current zoom essential oils classes, please click the red register button. Currently there are no in-person essential oils/wellness classes scheduled at Storybook Wellness. Please contact Dr. Mooney if you are interested in attending or teaching a class. In the meantime, please visit to check out available online classes.

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